Hiring Tree Stump Removal Services to Remove Tree Stumps

The Risks of Not Removing Tree Stumps

Leaving tree stumps in your yard comes with several concerns besides being an eyesore and taking up space in your landscape. Continue reading to find out why you should hire tree stump removal services if you’re considering doing so.

Stumps Attract Pests

The wood that makes up a tree stump starts to deteriorate once the tree dies. When this happens, the stump may draw pests to your property, including termites, ants, and beetles, which could make their home in the stump. Having these pests in your yard might not bother you, but ultimately they might move into your house and harm the structure. Take advantage of tree stump removal services to prevent wood-boring bugs from harming your home and property.

Stumps Are Hazards

If you’ve had a tree stump in your yard for a while, you might be used to it and can avoid it without difficulty. But tree stumps, particularly those removed from the ground close to the ground, pose a trip risk. Visitors unfamiliar with your yard can fail to notice the stump and suffer an injury if they fall. Tree stumps can be dangerous for seniors and young children in particular. For these reasons, getting in touch with a tree service about stump removal is wise, particularly if you’ll be entertaining guests this season.

Stumps Can Grow

People frequently believe that tree stumps perish soon after the tree is cut. Even if this is possible, trees frequently produce new growth close to them. Even though you might not consider a few young trees an issue, you should be aware that these plants can use up a lot of the resources in your soil. An active tree stump might absorb the moisture and nutrients your lawn, plants, or other trees normally utilize. Because of this, getting rid of tree stumps can help maintain the health of your landscaping.

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